Series of “Convincing employers” job fairs have officially opened
On January 5th, 2019, the series of “Convincing employers” job fairs have officially opened at HUTECH Manpower Training Center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology(HUTECH) with the participation of more than 60 prestigious businesses in different fields.

3 events and 3 big groups of specialized majors help enhance the efficiency of “Convincing employers”.

The event attracted 60 prestigious businesses, partners and nearly 1700 offered jobs. Moreover, the event received the participation of Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Head of Labor Information, Center of Forecasting in Human Resources and Labor Market Information of HCMC. Within the scope of the opening ceremony, representative of HUTECH, Dat Hop Co. Ltd. and Dong Vinh commercial services Co. Ltd also signed cooperative agreements.


Ms. Nguyen Hoang Anh shared Labor Market Information during the period between 2019 and 2025.

HUTECH, Dat Hop Co. Ltd. And Dong Vinh commercial services Co. Ltd signing cooperative agreements
Specifically, three recruitment events for three groups of majors, including Engineering-Technology, Society, Economic and Services, have been held separately to achieve the best results of recruitment on Jan 05th, Jan 08th and Jan 11th, 2019, respectively, at HUTECH. 

Representative of HUTECH giving anniversary medals and flowers to businesses
Information exhibition of all businesses would be at 3 campuses from Jan 01st to Jan 12 th to help students access recruitment information from businesses easily. Moreover, recruitment information has been continuously updated on the official website.

In the first day, thousands of interships and jobs were offered to students of HCMC

The job fair welcomed the students to visit, submit their CVs and attend interviews directly at businesses’ showrooms. In the first day, the students in the “Engineering-Technology” group of majors could apply for variety of jobs such as R&D engineer, electrical and electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, automation engineer, programmer, environmental engineer and so on. 


HUTECH students preparing to submit their CVs

A  wide range of activities held to enhance the effectiveness of the event. 

Soft skills conferences, interviews and a workshop “Job I Can” where guest speakers, who are experts in the field of human resources, would help students know how to write CVs correctly.

The organizing committee has estimated that the series of “Convincing employers” job fairs would attract around 7000 students to visit and apply for the jobs as well as internships.

Article: Khanh Ngoc
Translator: Tien Dat