Three HUTECH students receive the scholarship “Sacombank - Nurturing dreams 2019”
Three students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) have just received the scholarship “Sacombank - Nurturing dreams 2019”, including Cao Quoc Huy (class 18DQTD4), Pham Kha Vy (class 18DTCA1), and Mai Thi Ngoc Bich (class 18DTCB2).

3 HUTECH students receive
d the scholarship “Sacombank- Nurturing dreams in 2019”

In 2019, outstanding HUTECH students with difficult financial situations, Quoc Duy, Kha Vy, and Ngoc Bich were honored to receive valuable scholarships as an encouragement (15 million VND/ for each/ three years respectively). Apart from the scholarship, the students would also have an opportunity to participate in an internship and become official staff at Sacombank.

To receive the scholarship in the next two years, students would have to put more effort into maintaining academic performance in all semesters equal or higher than 3.0 and extracurricular activities grades equal or higher than 80.

Congratulations to the outstanding students, Quoc Duy, Kha Vy, and Ngoc Bich who were honored to receive scholarships “Sacombank - Nurturing dreams 2019”. May the scholarships aid them in their studies.
Article: Kim Thoa
Translator: Tien Dat