Campus civilization - 5 things students need to remember when going back to campus

The beauty of Civilization in campus has been formed and put into order by students of HCMC University of Technology (HUTECH) for many years. That beauty is shown by the serious image of wearing a student ID when going to school, queuing neatly while waiting for the elevator or contacting the Departments at the university, as well as the style of dressing neatly and politely every day.


In order to maintain and promote that beauty, students should keep in mind the 5 points below:

#1 Always wear your student ID in campus

Firstly, the student ID card is a "passport" to enter and exit HUTECH. Next, when you bring your student ID card with you, lecturers and staff will know your name, class, student ID. This is absolutely necessary for contacting to solve issues related to learning and activities in the university. Finally, wearing a student ID in campus is also a way for you to ensure security for yourself, your classmates and prevent undesirables from mixing into the university.


The student ID card is a "passport" to enter and exit HUTECH

# 2 Dress neatly and politely

Associated with the image of "Colorful University", HUTECH students are also extremely youthful and dynamic with the manner of dressing neatly, politely and suitably every day. It can be a combination of a shirt, HUTECH T-shirt, personality T-shirt with jeans, active skirts or wearing a typical Faculty/Institute uniform, suitable for campus environment. Please continue to promote the both delicate and very student-lie taste of clothing!


Please continue to promote the both delicate and very student-lie taste of clothing!

# 3 Practice the queuing culture when using elevators and contacting the departments at the university

This is considered the "ancient law" at HUTECH. If suddenly an individual appears to hustle up the line, behave in a rush when waiting for the elevator or when contacting the departments, it will definitely become "the focus of attention" in the whole campus. Therefore, let's seriously harmonize with the queuing culture at HUTECH!


Queuing culture – a proud “cultural beauty” of HUTECH students

# 4 Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of self, classroom, and campus

Before the complicated situation of the disease caused by the Covid-19 virus, along with wearing a mask, regularly washing hands with soap, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of yourself, classroom, campus and proper waste disposal, in order to build an increasingly "green, clean, beautiful" HUTECH, while minimizing the risk of disease spread.


Green - clean - beautiful space is something that HUTECH students join hands to preserve

# 5 Going to campus by bus is encouraged


The university especially encourages students to use the bus to ensure safe, fast, convenient and cost-effective commute. Especially, when you choose to "bus" to school you are contributing to environmental protection and reducing traffic jams in the city. However, when using public transport services, you should wear a mask and keep personal hygiene to protect yourself and the community.


Let’s “bus” to campus


For students using motorbikes, the University also wants you to seriously abide by the Road Traffic Law to ensure your absolute safety.


Article: Kim Thoa

Photos: Phuong Trinh
Translator: Ngoc Bach