Becoming an IT 4.0 student is welcome, reaching a thousand dollars with the HUTECH Institute of International Education
Currently, IT human resources are both "redundant" and "insufficient". According to statistics of the Ministry of Information and Communications, each year, the whole country “puts out” 50,000 employees, but 72% lacks practical skills, 42% lacks teamwork skills and 80% of programmers have to be retrained. Again, it shows the strict requirements of the IT human resources market.
In a broad sense, information technology means the use of computers and computer software in the creation, storage, processing and transmission of information. Choosing to study this major, students will be trained in specialized knowledge depending on their chosen majors such as: Computer science, Computer engineering, Information systems, Communication network, and Software engineering...
Information technology is one of the "hot" job in recent years, all programs as well as languages ​​are programmed in English, so to confidently pursue the major you like, you should have an English background. There will be English specialized vocabulary. The combination of majors and English is an advantage to have interview and have more job opportunities.
In the era of technology 4.0, information technology is present in all areas of social life. This major is always invested and paid much attention in every country.
IT industry job opportunities give you many attractive options:
- Programmers: people who directly create technology products such as software, information systems;
- Software quality moderation: directly check the quality of technology products created by programmers;
- System design analyst, data manager, network administrator, computer hardware technician;
- Expert in management, sales and coordination of information technology projects;
- Teaching and researching information technology at training institutions
- Equipped with a full set of knowledge, practical skills, English, and soft skills are the secret to help IT students to reach a thousand dollars after graduating.
 After graduation, students can work in positions such as:
  • Software programmer, system design analyst, data manager, network administrator, computer hardware engineer ... at software companies, technology solution providers, manufacturers, assembling and repairing hardware corporations.
  • Become an expert in managing and coordinating information technology projects at domestic and foreign corporations, businesses, and e-commerce organizations.
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Translated by Nguyen Ha