HUTECH English Club – the best place to improve English skills

HUTECH English Club (HEC) of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology that established for 21 years, is the perfect learning environment for students to practice and improve English skills. 
HUTECH English Club - the companion of students of  Foreign Languages Faculty
HEC provides students' knowledge by lots of new and interesting activities

Speaking skill is the main focus of HEC with constant themes associated with the economic situation, political, cultural, social events such as “Merry Christmas”. “New Year’s Resolutions” and so on. Besides, the speaking skill is currently extended through variety activities such as communicating with native, specialized activities, group presentations, rhetoric, team building and learning English by songs. During the meetings, all members must follow strict general law is that using 100% in English.
During the meetings, all members must use 100% in English
HUTECH English Club – “You decide, you delight”

Fanpage of HEC is a place for students to update the learning topics, study tips as well as improve English grammar, vocabulary, translation and writing skill.  This is also a channel to interact between the lecturers and all members to support knowledge and English learning methods in the most effective way.
Becoming a member of HEC is the pride of HUTECH students of Foreign Languages Faculty 

Author: Kim Thoa
Photographer: Thien Di - Faculty of Foreign Languages
Translator: To Linh

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