HUTECH welcomes Ming Chi University of Technology and University of Texas
In the morning of January 24th, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) welcomed the delegations of Ming Chi University of Technology, Taiwan and University of Texas at Arlington, United States.

The participation of HUTECH included Dr. Pham Hai Dinh, ViceDirector of Institute of International Education and Mr. Nguyen Nhu Chuong, Director of Marketing Communications of Institute of International Education. From Ming Chi University of Technology, there were Mr. Cherng-Min Ma, Vice President of Training, Assoc. Prof. Lin Jiun-shiung, Dean of Faculty of Industrial Management, and Dr. Jau-Roung Chen, Director of IMBA program.


Dr. Pham Hai Dinh (first photo) and Mr. Nguyen Nhu Chuong (second photo) at the meeting

At the meeting, Dr. Pham Hai Dinh welcomed Mr. Cherng-Min Ma and his delegates for visiting HUTECH with a wide-ranging discussion, which can be a foundation for many collaboration programs between the two sides after this visit. Specifically, short-term student exchange programs would be carried out first. Therefore, the cooperation programs would also bring many opportunities for students to work at international working environments and gain much experience.

The collaboration opened up more opportunities for students at both sides to take part in exchange semesters, and also facilitate cooperation with international companies

In the afternoon, Dr. Pham Hai Dinh and Mr. Nguyen Nhu Chuong also worked with Dr. Curtis Andressen, Vice President of International Cooperation of University of Texas. Then, the two universities signed an agreement of cooperation to promote training programs at different levels that could take advantage of learning and exchanging knowledge from both sides. These led to more chances for students to study and create the best conditions for doing research effectively.

In the afternoon, HUTECH welcomed the representative of University of Texas

Representatives of both universities signed an agreement cooperation to create international study environments for students
At the two meetings, all the sides spent time introducing the strengths and reviewed details on the fields of mutual interest. HUTECH also expressed that the initial cooperation between international partners would be successful.

Article: Phuong Trinh
Translator: Tien Dat