"Overwhelmed" with the students’ experiences of HUTECH Multimedia Communications
According to Tiin.vn – Being a dynamic major requires "extreme" creativity, especially in the age of listening - looking at the throne, Multimedia Communications is like an "acquaintance” with interesting secrets that many young people expect to explore.
Particularly for students of Multimedia Communications at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH), this "new acquaintance" is even more interesting with many "faintly" experiences from the lecture hall. It can satisfy students’ passion and provoke the ability to be creative. Along "zoom lens" to discover new and interesting things!
From games to shows, it's all in the lesson
You know, doing communication in the digital age - when the demand for entertainment, listening - seeing is constantly increasing – it requires you to be sensitive to "catch the trend" in all areas. The "multimedia" nature of this major forces you to be "more active and flexible", sensitive to all trends but at the same time to be practical, logical to protect ideas and future project.

The exercises are always done in the lecture hall to help HUTECH students master the subjects as well as majors
"Solving" this problem, according to students of Multimedia Communications at HUTECH, is continuous interaction, practical application and criticism. The basic knowledge such as media art perception, interactive technology, user habits are all applied to the classroom exercises - when you learn how to analyze the pros / cons of a game show, explain the success of a hit game or a movie, an MV ... from the perspective of the audience and of the media maker. “Understanding” the subject is an essential foundation for all creativity, while it also helps students of Multimedia Communications at HUTECH be more favorable when orienting their future careers, choosing a major to pursue (including Television Production. Film and Advertising Production and Event Organizing).
A thousand and one ... projects, tired but fun
Having gone to school, there must be the exams (!) This is of course, but for students of Multimedia Communications at HUTECH, "exam" is also very diverse. Your "exams" are not only on paper, but also projects such as TV program production, interactive project production, event organization. In which, each project requires expertise, creativity, full script (content), cooperative skills among team members ... - as required by an actual communication project.

Each project is a "test" that requires a high level of expertise, as required by a media project
Thanh Phuong (a sophomore student) shared: “At first, I was worried about choosing this major because of not good at technology, but learning from basic to advanced helps me feel more self-centered. During the course, there will be many exercises and projects that require a lot of filming, but it is great and happy to see the projects on TV or film.”  Before you "swim by yourself", you already have a solid baggage in your profession, proficient use of specialized machines from the school's modern equipment system, group work skills, presentation skills and introduce their own products to potential customers through seminars, technical equipment experience, meeting with experts.
Learn from experts & businesses, add motivation to conquer passion
Choosing the Multimedia Communications, many young people must always want to become a talented director, filmmaker, talented D.O.P. And with HUTECH students, famous faces such as director Nguyen Quang Dung, director - actor Hong Anh, director Mzung Nguyen, director Luk Van, ... are familiar "teachers", through exchange programs, watching movies with the directors or the short film playground of HUTECH Film Fest. Not only sharing and communicating their experiences, comments and comments is also a great motivation for students to pursue their passion.

The exchange programs with the director, the short film playground of HUTECH Film Fest ... are the great motivation to pursue the passion.
In addition, the cooperation model of University - Enterprises gives students of Multimedia Communications at HUTECH many opportunities to show their ability even without graduation. Students’ TVCs, viral clips or short film can also be sponsored by the business, giving encouragement prizes ... Of course, the most valuable reward you get is the opportunity to "score" with media businesses and open to the career opportunities.
Translated by Nguyen Ha