HUTECH signed a cooperation agreement with Nova College

The signing ceremony for cooperation between HUTECH Institute of International Education and Nova College was held on September 10th 2022. The event contributed to affirming the brand and prestige of HUTECH's reputation on its increasingly large cooperation network and which has cemented good partnerships with different companies and colleges. 


HUTECH ký kết hợp tác với Trường Cao đẳng Nova 65

Representatives of HUTECH and Nova College exchange cooperation

According to the consensus on development strategy and educational goals, both units have come to a decision to sign a cooperation agreement. Students from Nova College will be prioritised by HUTECH Institute of International Education to study international cooperation programs.

In addition, HUTECH and Nova College will also strengthen the exchange of lecturers and students, in order to open up more opportunities to enhance learning and research efficiency in general.

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác với Trường Cao đẳng Nova 88

HUTECH signed a contract with Nova College


News: Anh Nguyet
Photos: Thanh Dat

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