Explore the library and self-study room - places that HUTECH “bookworms” check in every day

Comfortable self-study space and abundant reference materials are necessary conditions for students to study effectively. For students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH), sure they cannot ignore the comfortable self-study space at the Library that can be an ideal spot to check in every day.


Among the most beautiful university libraries, HUTECH Library is a must-visit destination for HUTECH students, especially freshmen.

With a collection of rich and diverse materials, HUTECH Library houses over 60,000 physical titles and 70,000 digital contents that are readily accessible to students and lecturers in their study and research. The library online resource can also be accessed using smartphones or computers via the LIBHUTECH app.

Students are encouraged to install and use the LIBHUTECH app to experience and take advantage of the useful features searching for materials, checking out books and documents, accessing digital contents, etc.


From the 2020-2021 academic year, HUTECH Library will officially take attendance of students who visit the library by scanning student ID cards.

The library advocates increasing interaction with students and developing a reading culture. Besides the amazing library system, new students also cannot ignore the self-study area – an ideal destination for study.

Equipped with a modern design, the self-study room provides a dynamic and creative learning space that meets all the needs of students for group study and discussion. In particular, the self-study room is also connected to the library, which is convenient for studying and looking up documents.

In addition to lecture halls, labs and workshops, the self-study spaces at the library are the ideal study locations for all HUTECH students.

By Office of External and Public Relations