HIT seminar
This morning (30/11), at the headquarters of University of Technology in HCM city (HUTECH), the English Department hosted a conference named “Introduction about translation and interpretation.

Students from the English Department were joined in their journey of understanding translation by Mr. Phạm  Xuân Hoàng Ân. Mr Hoàng Ân is a former diplomatic expert in HCM City Department of Foreign Affairs, and a translator with more than 20 years of experience.


At the meeting, Mr. Hoàng Ân gave an intimate speech about translation, sharing his own information with the students.

The conference was divided into two parts: Overall introduction of translation and experiences, and skills needed in recruitment of the translation employment in Vietnam. Throughout the meeting, Mr. Hoàng Ân helped students to gain a clearer vision about their work in the future. Mr. Ân also shared many useful tips about recruitment for students to be confident in applying to businesses.

HUTECH English students now have a specific view of their life-long careers after learning from Mr. Hoàng Ân’s shared personal experiences. Hopefully, this will help HUTECHers succeed in chasing their dream careers in today's competitive and vibrant labor market.
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(Translatated by Mạch Ngọc Nhi)
(Source: https://www.hutech.edu.vn/tienganh/tin-chuyen-nganh/14573163-khoa-tieng-anh-dinh-huong-nghe-bien-phien-dich-cho-sinh-vien)

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