Volunteer Spring 2018
From January 26th to 28th, 48 volunteers from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) organized for meaningful activities with many practical works and memorable experiences in Cu Chi Steel Land.
With five programs "sharing Spring", "Connected Spring", "Historical Spring", "Soldierly Spring" Volunteer Spring Campaign of HUTECH English Department includes many activities such as build cement roads, visit families with meritorious services to the revolution, exchange with soldiers in the area, burn incense to commemorate heroic martyrs, give gifts to families in difficult circumstances ... with the money from the profit in the Department of the Faculty at the Spring Festival held by the school.

Let's turn over the "journeys diary" of the 2018 Volunteer Spring of the English Department to better understand the emotional days filled up!

Diary of the first day: Get over tens of kilometers to the land of steel Cu Chi.
Departing very early at 5:30 pm, Spring Volunteer Team with 48 volunteers began the 65km journey to Dong Lon hamlet, Trung Lap Thuong commune, Cu Chi district. After two hours riding the motorbike, the delegation arrived at the construction site and immediately began to build roads ... Dust dirty in the sun but our members still boil momentum, hand together cement blocks, spread Land for "Spring Road" the main task of the campaign. In addition to the road repair activities, the volunteer group also visited families with meritorious services to the revolution, giving gifts to Mrs Nguyen Thi Quoc.

Second day diary: Bustling activities but do not forget to support U23 Vietnam

The students had a busy day with many meaningful activities: as well as other programs such as burning incense, heroic martyrs commemorate village culture together, pack together and cook 50 pairs of cake for hard-hitting households, single people in this region.

Especially, in this day (27/1), at 15h00, we give all the effort to the people of Dong Lon village to try their best to support the U23 Vietnam team in the final. U23 Asian football in 2018. Also on January 27th, you held many interesting games for children and exchanges with volunteers in the area.

Third day diary: Very excited to handover "spring road"
Complete the road construction project, on the last day, we finished and handed over 200m long and beautiful road which convenient for local people to travel on the occasion of Tet. In addition, students continue to visit and give Tet gifts including cakes, jams and tea for families with merit to the revolution.

Farewell to the land of Cu Chi in  love, the volunteers of Volunteer Spring Campaign of HUTECH English Department  not only leave meaningful project in the suburbs  but also to give ourselves the pleasure of what we did, the memorable experience in the campaign. In the spirit of "Go in order to Growing Up," Spring Volunteerism 2018 will undoubtedly be the start of a peaceful and meaningful spring for HUTECH volunteers

By: Âu Dương Ánh Huệ - 15DTA15