Rookies K18 make every effort at the Sports festival of English faculty
After a month of competition, the English faculty Sports Festival came to the last stage . Course 18 was particularly successful with teams and individuals successfully bringing home gold.
A Tug-of-war took place with two teams of boys and girls. After a lively and intense event, the victory belonged to the following class groups:

1. Tug-of-war:

Number Result  Tug-of-war for boys Tug-of-war for girls
1 First prize 17DTAC5 18DTAC2
2 Second prize 18DTAC3 17DTAA5
3 Third prize 17DTAA1 18DTAD3
4 Consolation prizes 18DTAD7 17DTAA1

As you see, the new student class K18 make up half of the total of winners . This proves the enthusiasm of first-year participation in the faculty’s events. Many students were surprised and unfamiliar with many things, when they first arrived at Hutech, but by participating in this sports festival, the class will surely be stronger and stronger. It is hoped that these classes will promote their strengths to achieve the title of "Advanced Classes" to bring honor to the English Department in the future.
First prize: Đỗ Thị Diễm Quỳnh - Class 18DTAC2
Second prize: Hứa Huy Hoàng - Class 17DTAA5
Third prize: Hoàng Ngọc Tiến - Class 17DTAC1

Currently, men's / women's football has finished the semifinal round. The organizers have selected excellent teams in the Final Round including:

The Final Round will take place next Sunday (December 9). Right after that, to summarize and commend excellent individuals and collectives, the English Department will hold the Closing Ceremony. We can’t wait for the exciting matches of the Final Round and the surprises at the Closing Ceremony!

(Translated by Đoàn Tấn Thịnh)