Let’s start a new journey with the EF Rookies!

 Last evening (27/10), the Faculty of English Language, HUTECH, organized a meeting for freshmen of the academic year 2020 - 2021. A diverse range of activities and sharings was delivered to the students to encourage them on their first stage at the university.


H.A.T club welcomed freshmen at Faculty of English Language, HUTECH


Accompanying the students were Ms. Nguyễn Thị Kiều Thu, Ph.D - Dean of the Faculty, the three Vice Deans: Mr. Lê Văn Tuyên, Ph.D, Ms. Phạm Quỳnh Trang, M.A and Trần Quốc Thao, Ph.D and the lecturers and new students of the Faculty.


Ms. Nguyễn Thị Kiều Thu, Ph.D

Mr. Lê Văn Tuyên, Ph.D


Ms. Phạm Quỳnh Trang, M.A

Mr. Trần Quốc Thao, Ph.D

The Leaders of of Faculty greeted the freshmen


The leaders of the Faculty commended and awarded 10 new students who were the top Valedictorians in the latest entrance exam. Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Van Tuyen shared: “Students of the Faculty of English Language will be the human resource that fully converges integration criteria, responsibility, quality and creativity, and be ready to conquer the labor market domestically and internationally “.




Ms. Kiều Thu and Mr. Văn Tuyên expressed their expectation and sincere messages to the students



The Faculty commended and awarded the Freshmen with high scores in the latest entrance exam


In a joyful and exciting atmosphere, the Faculty conducted its initiation ceremony to welcome the "youngest" - the featured ceremony of handing over the Faculty’'s card string holder. In addition to show the pride of the students with the unique holder of the Faculty, this is also a creative form, encouraging compliance with the regulations on wearing card string holders when coming to HUTECH.




The unique card string holder of the Faculty - confirmed the feature of the EF students

Also at the Meeting, the Final Round of the "Music show" contest took place with 15 performances with a variety of forms, from choreography, singles, to top singing by the students of the Faculty. Through this exciting start, the new students will be given the opportunity to "keep pace" with dynamic and vibrant activities and movements at HUTECH, and be ready to immerse themselves in the vibrant life here.




The diverse and colorful repertoire in the Final of Music Show "lit the fire" of HUTECH EF Students



At the same time, the performances also received great encouragement from teachers and friends



At the end of the exciting round, showing the talents of the EF students, "Music Show" honored the winners, including:



>>> Solo:

  • First prize: Ngô Chấn Diễn

  • Second prize: Hà Thị Minh Anh

  • Third prize:  Lý Đông Du & Nguyễn Bá Hưng


>>> Duet/Trio/Choir:

  • First Prize: Duet Nguyễn Minh Tân - Nguyễn Nhược Phi Thanh 

  • Second Prize: Trio Công Hậu - Huyền Nhi - Quỳnh Anh

  • Third Prize: Trio Trọng Đăng - Anh Dũng - Hải Quân


  • >>> Dance:

  • First Prize: Phan Hoàng Mến

  • Second Prize: Lương Quang Linh


Cùng phần chào đón đầy niềm vui của thầy cô, sinh viên Khoa Tiếng Anh HUTECH sẽ chính thức bước vào chặng đường học tập, rèn luyện tại Trường. Xin chúc các bạn có những năm tháng thanh xuân rực rỡ, tràn ngập kỷ niệm tại “Đại học sắc màu” của mình!

Along with the joyful ceremony of the lecturers, the students of the Faculty of English Language will officially enter the journey of learning and training at the University. Wish you all the brilliant youthful years, filled with memories at your "University of Colors"!

Reporter: Ngọc Anh

Photos: Tuấn Minh

Admission - Public Relations Office