The inauguration of HUTECH’s High Quality Human Resource Training Centre
On February 10th 2017, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) held a ceremonial inauguration of E3 Building, this is HUTECH’s highly acclaimed human resource training center. It is located at the Ho Chi Minh city of high technology park’s subdivision of training. (SHTP)

This favorable position is considered the “heart” of the SHTP, operating to train and provide high quality human resource. They can meet the strict demands from domestic and foreign enterprises.Especially those working at the SHTP and national major economic areas which operate within Hi-tech industries such as Electricity, Automation, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Energy and New Materials.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Ho Dac Loc, the Rector of HUTECH, stated: “ With regard to the responsibility of a university, at HUTECH we always give our best effort to carry out our mission. Which is to provide the regional and Vietnamese economy with high quality human resource. With this objective in mind, HUTECH’s high quality human resource training centre, plays an important role in training, orientation, science research as well as technology transference.”

Located at the Ho Chi Minh City's high technology park a number of scientists and experts are gathered. Their mission, to research and apply science advancement to real world production.Their objective is also to train and develope engineers and technicians to a profound level in their chosen specialisms. The strategic vision here is economic growth and promotion of the high technology parks. Simultaneously, this creates opportunities for HUTECH’s students to participate in research work and enormous projects. Affording them the ability to apply to the world’s leading technology corporations operating at the SHTP such as Intel, Samsung, IBM among others. Mr. Do Huu Tuyet, the Ministry of Education and Training’s representative and deputy director of the Ministry of Education and Training headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, said that he greatly appreciated what HUTECH had contributed to the educational work. He also stated that the official establishment of the centre, was a watershed that not only helped mark the development of HUTECH, but also carry out the educational mission of society by positively contributing to resolving a shortage of talented human resource. Mr. Le Thanh Dai, deputy director of SHTP Management, agreed with above opinion, he said: “The establishment of HUTECH’s high quality human resource training centre, is not only a phase that marks a positive direction for HUTECH, but also for the hopes of our country’s science development in general”, also, he pledged to provide the best technical support for the centre. It is known that HUTECH associated with Japanese universities, institutes and enterprises to carry out the strategy of human resource training internationally. The Vietnam – Japan centre was also founded at SHTP to provide the high quality human resource, who can meet the strict criteria of recruitment required by Japanese enterprises operating in Vietnam. This is considered as the best professional and modern space for research and study. After cutting the ceremonial inauguration band, the delegation visited the E3 building, its laboratory system and support service area were professionally designed by the open pattern with modern facilities. After the official operation of E3 building, HUTECH will continue to complete the remaining works.

The E1 building, a centre’s main work, is estimated to be inaugurated by June 2017 with the total investment of 450 billion VND and 1.64 hectares in area, including an area of 41.300 square meters of (1) office rooms such as the experts’ and lecturers’ workrooms, library, planning offices, and (2) training rooms such as classrooms, laboratory, (3) the multipurpose service rooms such as conference and exhibition rooms, general services rooms and the office of linked units. It is a long-term investment for the research and development of technology and highly quality human resource training that have to be taken by every university, each of them, however, is unable to do it successfully. That is because they are required to have the foundation of traditional experience in training, with the participation from the leadership. For more than 20 years of establishment and developments, HUTECH’s position has been acknowledged to be a prestigious university in career training nationally. Beside HUTECH’s philosophy of modern training and reality application, it deserved to be acknowledged investment in facilities as the HUTECH’s highly quality human resource training centre can be seen as a typical example of it. It was not until HUTECH officially participated in SHTP’s activities that it would closely take part in the progress of national science and technology development.

Translated by Đăng Nguyễn (HIT) (From: HUTECH NEWS)