Female English Department student from HUTECH chosen to be in the Semi-final in the Southern Area of
Huỳnh Ái Xuân – an English Department student from Hutech University - was chosen to be in the Top 15 of the Semi-final in the Southern Area of Vietnam Student Belle 2018. With this position, Ái Xuân takes one step closer to the National Final, themed “The beauty of intelligence” (from December 9th to December 18th).
The Semi Final in the Southern Area of Vietnam Student Belle 2018 took place on December 1st. 51 contestants from many local universities and colleges participated. The Faculty of English language student – Huỳnh Ái Xuân – officially made her way to the Top 15 after success in three categories: social knowledge, talent, and Ao Dai catwalk.


Huỳnh Ái Xuân is a beautiful and intelligent woman with a wonderful smile. In the Semi-final, she also showed off her charisma, saying: “If they throw you into a pack of wolves, come back when you’re the Alpha.”


Ái Xuân is a familiar face to those HUTECH students who love cultural and artistic activities. She has always been a dedicated member of the Modeling Club of HUTECH Art and Culture Centre and has taken part in many noteworthy events at school. Ái Xuân is also one of the best 20 contestants of Miss HUTECH 2019. She is preparing for the Final of the competition with high positivity.


“Being at two competitions at the same time, no matter how strong you are, there will always be pressures and worries. But this is also the chance for me to challenge myself, to learn new things and get prepared for the journey ahead. A true beauty is one with a harmonious combination of glamour and talent, therefore, while participating in two competitions at the same time, I always try to avoid falling behind at school.” - said Huỳnh Ái Xuân.


The final round of Vietnam Student Belle 2018 will take place in Đà Nẵng from December 9th to December 12th. This is also the most intense time of preparation for the finale of Miss HUTECH 2018 (expected to be held on January 1st, 2019). HUTECH students can choose to vote for their favorite Miss HUTECH, but don’t forget to support the representative of HUTECH – Huỳnh Ái Xuân – at the Finale of Vietnam Student Belle 2018!
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(Translated by Phạm Hạ Vy)
Sources: https://www.hutech.edu.vn/tienganh/sinh-vien/thong-bao/14573221-nu-sinh-khoa-tieng-anh-vao-chung-ket-hoa-khoi-sinh-vien-viet-nam-2018