The Inspection Committee was established under Decision No. 320/QD-DKC signed by the President of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) on May 6th, 2008. 




>>> Functions:

The Inspection Committee is a unit directly under the Board of Presidents, which has the function of advising the President on the inspection and examination of the implementation of rules and regulations related to the University’s activities including enrollment, academic training, testing, quality assurance, etc. according to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Training and the University.


>>> Mission:

- Monitoring and inspecting the implementation of regulations and issued by the Ministry of Education and Training and the University;

- Monitoring progress and teaching records of lecturers; monitoring several aspects related to teaching activities of lecturers, such as absence, cancelation and make-up classes, punctuality, etc. 

- Reviewing enrollment files and student records; monitoring the organization of academic and training activities according to regulations;

- Monitoring the organization of all activities associated with examination and testing, including conducting entrance exams and finals, grading of student exam papers, announcing admission results, and issuing diplomas and certificates;

- Coordinating inspection of public security, fire prevention and safety, environmental sanitation, and resource conservation; inspecting the management and maintenance of facilities;

- Providing periodic reports to the Board of Presidents on the assessment of teaching and training activities of lecturers according to the University’s rules and guidelines;

- Maintaining records of inspection files and data according to regulations;

- Receiving information, reports, documents, explanation forms on all matters related to the committee’s tasks;

- Petitioning the University’s President on solutions to all matters related to the inspection; providing statistics and reports at the request of the Board of Presidents;

- Performing other duties as assigned by the Board of Presidents.



Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Du