Functioning as one of the University’s integral units, the Financial Office, formerly the Office of Planning and Finance, has been in existence since the early years of the establishment of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH). According to Decision No. 19/QD-HDQT signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Finacial Office officially changed its name as of August 31st, 2013.



>>> Functions:

The Financial Office is a unit directly under the Board of Presidents with the main function of advising the President in the following tasks: performing and monitoring the University’s revenues and expenditures; researching and proposing financial policies and regulations concerning university employees (managers, lecturers, and staffs) and students; informing and disseminating information on current tax laws; monitoring and supervising existing assets according to the regulations of the University.


>>> Mission:

- Formulating estimated operating budget estimates, reviewing actual expenditures and revenues against projected figures;

- Researching and proposing the drafting of university policies related to employee salary, expenditure and tax policies;

- Managing and organizing accounting tasks, payments, monitoring expenditures and assets;

- Reviewing the estimated activity budgets included in the proposals submitted to the Board of Presidents for approval;

- Supervising and speeding up the payment of debts and receivables from customers and employees;

- Managing shareholder ledger;

- Proposing and managing the collection of tuition fees;

- Meeting with students and their parents to resolve any issues concerning the interests of students;

- Providing guidance and instruction tuition and fee policy, tuition reduction and waiver, payment extension, refund of tuition fees, etc.;

- Managing and distributing financial forms and templates (e.g., invoices, documents);

- Making ATM cards for employees;

- Keeping records of payment receipts and expenditure documents;

- Filing taxes, reporting on the use of invoices;

- Monitoring, checking, and summarizing of payroll data, proposing payment of salary and remuneration for employees;

- Compiling financial reports at the request of the Board of Presidents;

- Performing other duties as assigned by the Board of Presidents.



Chief Accountant

Mr. Nguyen Cong De


Ms. Kieu Lan Huong

Deputy Head

Mr. Le Duy Tri