The CIRTech Institute was established on September 1, 2018, according to the Decision No. 15 /QD-HĐQT, formerly the Center of Interdisciplinary Research and Technology of the HUTECH High-tech Institute, was established on June 30, 2015.

+ Research basic science and publish research results in international journals
+ Research, transfer and application of scientific achievements into practice.
+ Training and developing 
high-quality human resources in the field of science and technology

► Scientific research, technology transfer 
and international cooperation
+ Undertake basic research as well as applied research, technology transfer for units and businesses
+ Scientific research that is oriented and published internationally in journals of the ISI index
+ Transferring high-quality technological processes of developed countries in Vietnam, contributing to completing HUTECH's development strategy

► Branding
+ Build and develop CIRTech brand into a model of National and Southeast Asian standards in the coming years

► Training
high quality human resources
+ Improving the quality of training to createhgh quality human resources in the field of science and technology, meeting the practical needs of society
+ Building a team of highly qualified lecturers and researchers contributing to good training and scientific research
+ Promote international cooperation in the areas of research and training.

By 2020, CIRTech has become a national standard research institute, and by 2025 it will meet Southeast Asia standards.

► Basic research and international publication: Become an intensive research institute and relate to the fields of basic science and arts, position and influence in the scientific community.

► Research on technology application and transfer: Becoming a place to attract scientists to develop scientific creative ideas; agents that bind and form scientific topics.

► Training and developing science and technology human resources: The place to select, nurture and develop human resources to serve the development orientation of the institute, the school and the country through scientific activities, chapters process of scientific research and training.

Fields of Research and Technology at the Institute:

► Natural science: Mathematics, physics, mechanics, material science, biology, computer s

► Science and technology: Mechanical, electronics, material technology, nanotechnology.

► Medical science: Health, pharmacy, biotechnology.

► Social science: Economics, business and management, development studies, education.

(CIR: Creativity - Innovation - Responsibility)

► Creativity: The most basic resource of every human being, the life of every individual or organization's development.

► Innovation: As a result of thinking, creativity, associated with new ideas to increase the value of life.

► Responsibility: is the principle of contributing to the society of each individual and organization.