HUTECH organizes the 2010 Science and Technology Conference

On April 15, 2010, the 2010 Science and Technology Conference was held at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) with the participation of 96 individuals and groups of researchers.
This year’s conference welcomed 96 individual scholars and groups of researchers contributing a total of 89 research projects meeting the conference’s selection criteria. Among these, there are 6 research topics conducted by HUTECH students. Presentations of selected research projects are divided into subcommittees based on several disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Environmental, Biotechnology and Food Technology, Civil Engineering. Besides, the Conference has a special subcommittee designated for reporting of student research.
According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. Ho Dac Loc - President of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, the purpose of the conference is to express the creativity and passion for scientific research among lecturers and students. The conference not only includes the evaluation, summary and dissemination of the research results but also promotes future scientific research of lecturers and students.
HUTECH organizes the 2010 Science and Technology Conference 12
Mr. Nguyen Trong Hai presents his research topic "Application of Cordic algorithm to implement phase shift orientation on FPGA structure"
The following research topics receive high reviews at this year’s conference:
- Analysis of channel interpolation algorithms for COMP PILOT training sequence in the mobile WiMAX system
- Research into urban wastewater treatment by biotechnology combined with reverse sludge filtration
- The combination of association rules and distributed databases in certain algorithms
- Matching lossy fingerprint images by combining features in genetic algorithms
- Embedded programming system for micromouse
- Inflation risk in 2010: current conditions, reasons, and solutions
- Survey of some inappropriate food advertisements and recommendations to consumers.

By Office of External and Public Relations