- The Faculty of Japanese Studies at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH) is responsible for overseeing two undergraduate programs in Japanese Language and Oriental Studies (specialization in Japanese Studies).

- Although it is one of the newer academic departments, the Faculty of Japanese Studies has demonstrated its commitment to successfully delivering the faculty’s missions. These sustained efforts have gained the trust and confidence of the University’s leadership, students, and their parents in furthering the journey to develop and improve human resource quality that serves the needs of communities and the larger society.

- While emphasizing the quality of teaching and learning activities of lecturers and students, the Faculty of Japanese Studies strives to invest in building a team of lecturers capable of having good expertise, understanding of the subject knowledge, extensive experience, and a passion for teaching. On the other hand, the Faculty aims to provide the best conditions in supporting student learning and development in their chosen specializations as well as fostering their talents and creativity. 

- The Faculty of Japanese Studies actively seeks to establish connections and form partnerships with reputable companies and universities in Vietnam and abroad in offering short-term internships on an annual basis. By taking part in these programs, students will have the opportunities to gain practical experience and develop their professionalism while continuing to pursue their studies at the university. 



Major/Specialization Level Program Code

Japanese Language

- Japanese Translation/Interpretation
- Business Japanese

Bachelor 7220209
Oriental Studies (specialization in Japanese Studies) Bachelor 7310608