Stay updated on the online addresses of Departments, Faculty/Institutes, Centers during the social distancing period
To ensure that timely support to student activities during the current period of social distancing, departments and faculties of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) will hold their virtual offices via the Google Meet platform.

Besides hotlines and email addresses, students can contact the following departments and faculties through virtual offices.

1. Offices, Departments, and Centers

For issues related to academic procedures, instructions, and answers to questions related to exams, students can contact the respective departments/faculties:

1 Office of Administration (028) 5445 7777
2 Office of Academic Services and Testing (028) 7105 6686
3 Financial Office (028) 3512 0789
4 Office of Student Affairs
5 Office of Admissions Advising
6 Office of External and Public Relations
7 Inspection Committee
8 Center for Quality Assurance
9 Center for Politics and National Defense Education
10 Center for Corporate Relations
11 Center for Informatics - Foreign Languages - Skills
12 Center for Distance Education
13 Youth Union - Student Union doan thanh
14 Communist Party Committe

Offices and departments are still operating according to the regulations of the University

Students receive online support for their questions and difficulties during the period of social distancing
2. Faculties and Institutes
For questions about academic matters related to the different Faculties/Institutes, students can contact the relevant Faculties/Institutes at the announced address during working hours.
1 Faculty of Business Administration
2 Faculty of Finance and Commerce
3 Faculty of Information Technology
4 Faculty of Civil Engineering
5 Faculty of English Language
6 Faculty of Architecture and Arts
7 Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
8 Faculty of Law
9 Faculty of Pharmacy
10 Faculty of Japanese Studies
11 Faculty of Communication and Design Fanpage Khoa Truyền thông & Thiết kế
12 Faculty of Management Information System
13 Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities
14 HUTECH Institute of Engineering
15 HUTECH Institute of Applied Sciences
16 Vietnam - Japan Institute of Technology
17 Vietnam - Korea Institute of Technology
18 HUTECH Institute of International Education
19 Institute of Postgraduate Studies

During the time of implementing social distancing, difficulties in studying, taking exams, etc., are inevitable. Students should not worry because these offices are always ready to accompany and support them.


By Office of External and Public Relations