Students of the Faculty of English Language investigating the English-speaking business culture and environment

Recently, the students of the Faculty of English Language, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) had an interesting visit to understand the business culture and environment, and the destination of Triump International Vietnam, Limited Corporation (Binh Duong).


The visit was held for seniors and juniors majoring in Business English (Faculty of English, HUETCH). Accompanying the students was Bui Van Vuong, Ph.D - the Human Resources Director of Triump International Vietnam, Lmt. Corp.  

The visit was for seniors and juniors majoring in Business English


When visiting the company, HUTECH students were introduced to the history of the establishment, an overview of the working process and the organizational system, including the departments, working positions, etc. The students also had the opportunity to understand the process of manufacturing, finishing and distributing products to international markets as well as career opportunities for students majoring in Business English in the Company's English-speaking environment, especially in departments such as Human Resources, Administration, etc.



Students visiting Triump International Vietnam


Ms. Pham Quynh Trang, M.A, Vice Dean of the Faculty, accompanied with the students


Thanks to this visit, the students of the Faculty of English Language gained more knowledge in product distribution of the international company, and understand the operating model as well as know more about the role and job of a B.A in English in an international corporation. Those are essential tools for them to better their study.


Reporter: Ngọc Anh

Photos: Faculty of English Language