Merry Christmas

The winter has come, the cold and dry weather in the last days of the year has given each person different feelings and spirits. Most of us are experiencing the cold season with our warm family and loved ones, but the little hearts in the orphanages must forcefully complete their year in a more needy circumstance.


Merry Christmas 9




Merry Christmas 18

Merry Christmas 21

Sympathizing and sharing with the children, on December 18, the Faculty of English held a meeting with the children who were currently being cared for and studying at Thanh Xuan orphanage, Loc Thanh commune, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province. Fifty gifts donated from the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of English were presented to the students by Ms. Tran Nhat San. A gentle, and close exchange with children was a memorable experience for the Faculty of English Language. Hope these children will always be strong, happy and do well in school!

Merry Christmas 30

From this occasion, the Faculty of English Language wanted to make a small contribution, along with the whole society, to spread the precious spirit of charity. Hopefully, this winter, we will all be accompanied, dream and warm.


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