HUTECH students will “travel” to English-speaking countries with “Cultural Day”
On December 21, the Department of English -  University of Technology. HCM (HUTECH) will hold a Native English Speaking Countries Cultural Day. This is an annual festival to help students have the opportunity to exchange and learn about the cultures of different English-speaking countries across the world.

This interactive festival will consist of booths with themes that show the culture of people from: England, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. Each booth will present typical products from the nation that they registered, with one of the following categories: cuisine, games, souvenirs.


Which national colours will be presented by HUTECH students in “Cultural Day” this year?


Also, many fun activities and competitions will take place between classes and exam teams. These will include drama, dance, fashion themed competitions, and a quiz with questions related to cultural knowledge of the six countries. All activities in the festival will be completely in English.


This will be a useful and healthy event for HUTECH students in general, and particularly the English Department. At the same time, the festival is also a good opportunity for students to improve their cultural knowledge and confidence in communicating in English.

Let's wait for the unexpected and exciting things to happen at the "Cultural Day" festival from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm on December 21, 2018, Hall B - your main campus.
News: Bích Liên
(Translated by Lê Gia Quốc Anh and Thúy Ngân)