“The Whole Brillant Sky” – The HUTECH’s Impression at The Festival Admissions Advisory Day 2018
The booths with the yellow highlights, a team of dedicated consultants, a lively career models, the attractive side activities ...that are all in a busy space. This is an impressive image of the University of Technology (HUTECH) at the 2018 Admissions Advisory Day organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Tuoi Tre Newspaper on the January 28th.

With the six consultant booths, HUTECH brought the experienced consultants to the festival, the enthusiastic and enthusiastic volunteers, and especially the lecturers from all faculties. As the "people in the profession," the teachers are the "real people" who directly help students to seize full information about the career, not only the training program or the method of selection but also necessary qualities to succeed in that career - the first thing considers when choosing a career.

This year, the most impressive feature of HUTECH was the form of introducing lively study, introducing specific products of each sector which were made by the students HUTECH during the study. These are the models of robot cars, intelligent robot products by the students of the Institute of Homemade Technology, models of design, display of fashion products, calligraphy of students architecture - fine arts, the orchid that are tissue in culture as a gift for the students of Biotechnology students, confectionery products of students Food technology, the cocktail performances of  Tourism- Restaurant-Hospitality students, Oil Massage Apparatus of the Faculty of Pharmacy or "pet couple" of The Veterinary students. This is not only a "vivid visualization", a creating excitement, but also the most important goal that helping the students to know the most correct in your favorite subject - what you will learn and what you do at HUTECH.



As noted, the interested fields of HUTECH in this year are spreading in many fields, from technology such as Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering & Automation, Civil Engineering , Building management to economic sectors such as business administration, marketing, international business or foreign language, social sciences such as English Language, Korean Language, Communication Multimedia. ..

 Not only the students are interested in asking questions, but also many parents go directly to the HUTECH booth at the festival to learn about the training, learning environment, career opportunities and both accommodation for students while studying at the school. This interest partly reflects the trust of parents and students in sending HUTECH - not only preparing a degree, but also a direct investment for a future.

Going far beyond the goal of providing entrance examination and admission counseling, HUTECH consultancy space at this Admissions Advisor Day is a "little version" of the school. "Bringing" HUTECH to the Festival, students not only "know", but also "understand" - as a necessary starting point for contestants to find a "big friend", a steady companion during the University.

The Festival  Admissions Advisory Day 2018 was closed, many questions had been answered, however, there are still many questions waiting to be answered. Understanding thoroughly, HUTECH will continue to accompany students during the enrollment season - through online counseling channels at www.hutech.edu.vn and fan page www.facebook.com/hutechuniversity.
Source: Nguyen Thao
Tranlator: Gia Linh – 14DTAM05