HUTECH lecturers take part in training on the application of ICT and Blended Learning/E-Learning models

On January 20, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) organized a training session for its lecturers on the use of ICT applications and Blended Learning/E-Learning models in supporting teaching and learning activities.


Mr. Huynh Thanh Tung - Deputy Director of the Center for International Affairs introduces the CATALYST project and overview of the content covered in the training session


This is the third Pilot of selected modules developed within the scope of the Eramus+ funded CATALYST project of which HUTECH has been a member. Participating in this training session, HUTECH lecturers were introduced to several approaches in using different ICT tools and Blended Learning/E-Learning models to support their teaching and training activities. 

Dr. Huynh Quoc Bao introduces the lecturers to ICT applications and Blended Learning/E-Learning models


In this training, Dr. Huynh Quoc Bao - Vice Dean of Faculty of Information Technology introduced the lecturers to several ICT applications and Blended/ E-Learning model while highlighting the benefits and advantages of this model in supporting the learning and teaching of both lecturers and students. 

Mr. Vo Pham Thanh Luan presents the beta version of the HUTECH Meet online conferencing software that will soon be applied to the HUTECH E-Learning system


On this occasion, Mr. Vo Pham Thanh Luan also presented the beta version of the online teleconference software, HUTECH Meet, which has been developed to support virtual meetings and remote working of HUTECH faculty and staff members. 

The application of ICT tools and Blended/E-Learning models will be an important conduit to increase the effectiveness of the teaching process


By Office of External and Public Relations