What is Management Information System?

Management information system (MIS) studies the way to combine different elements of a business to increase management efficiency, with a foundation based on information system, big data, artificial intelligence, the ability to analyze data for constructing, managing, and developing the production and business of companies and enterprises. Therefore, management information system experts will become an important force that helps businesses maximize their benefits from investments in human resource, equipment, business process, and deploy a comprehensive application information system.

Program outcome

- Equip students with fundamental knowledge of economic statistics, information technology, and in-depth knowledge of analyzing, designing, constructing, deploying, managing, and administrating information systems, especially big data analysis for providing scientific basis, for proposing optimal solution in social management and business administration.
- Students are equipped with skills to collect, process and analyze information, the ability to plan policies, business strategies, the skill to communicate, the skill to work in a group effectively, …
Specialized courses: Applied databases, MIS-specialized project, enterprise resource planning, accounting information system, business processes and management information system, basic programming, advanced programming, operations research, information system project management, …
Learning environment: Students of Management Information Systems program are given access to HUTECH’s modern facilities with a system of spacious, well-equipped lecture rooms and laboratories. Furthermore, a dynamic learning environment with over 50 clubs in various fields will help the students with self-discovery, honing skills, and comprehensive development as a future member of society.
Contact information:
Faculty of Management Information System
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Telephone number: (028) 3512 0792