- The Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH) is responsible for overseeing four different undergraduate programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Garment and Textile Technology. 

- Since its establishment over two decades ago, the Faculty’s development has been accompanied by diverse members of its faculty and staff, including PhDs and Master’s degree holders, Architects, and Designers, that have demonstrated not only strong subject knowledge and extensive experience but also a passion for teaching and dedication to students. Besides, the Faculty also seeks to establish connections and build strong relationships with reputable and successful enterprises in the fields of architecture, fashion, interior design, etc., thereby creating a supportive learning environment that enables a holistic approach to student development. Students are allowed the opportunity to enhance their specialization while gaining practical experience and developing their professionalism. These conditions together have transformed the Faculty into a launching pad for young talents and future generations of highly successful designers and architects. 



Major/Specialization Level Program Code


- Construction Architecture 

- Green Architecture

Bachelor 7580101

Interior Design

- Interior Design

- Interior Decoration

Bachelor 7580108

Fashion Design

- Fashion Design

- Brand Management and 

Fashion Business

- Fashion Styling and Image Design

Bachelor 7210404
Garment and Textile Technology Bachelor 7540204