CY Cergy Paris Université - Public School of the French Republic

CY Cergy Paris Université,  a Public School of the French Republic, was established in 1991. It is a national university in the top 20 leading national universities in France with high-quality training in science, technology, and economics - management with many international students. International students study at all  levels, from Bachelor, Engineer to Master, Ph.D. It is a leading center for research and teaching in France and internationally.

giới thiệu đại học Cergy Pontoise

Campus of Cergy Pontoise University - France

The program of CY Cergy Paris Université provides a useful and effective educational program, giving young people practical knowledge and skills to integrate well into the competitive international working environment. This learning environment lays a solid foundation for the  students' future and brings them closer to their career success goals.

giới thiệu đại học Cergy Pontoise

Reasons for learners to choose an international training program in  three possible majors:

- Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts
- Hotel management
- Event and banquet management

The following are eight reasons to choose an international training program specializing in Restaurant and Catering Management from CY Cergy Paris Université.

  • The training program is entirely in English. Students will receive free intensive English training to study and work successfully.

  • Students are exposed to  the French language, culture, and rich French cuisine.

  • The learning environment conforms to international standards,with limited class sizes.

  • The modern learning equipment and practice rooms meet  UCP standards.

  • Highly qualified French and Vietnamese professors provide direct instruction (60%  French lecturers - 40%  Vietnamese lecturers).

  • Most of the program time is for practice, visits to, and internships at restaurants and hotels arranged by the French Consulate General in Vietnam.

  • Students are recommended as potential employees at hotel and restaurant groups with international standards of 5 stars or more at home and abroad after graduation.

  • The degree has global value and is  recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education.

For details, please contact:

HUTECH International Training Institute

Address: 475A Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC



Phone: (028) 5445 1111 hotline 033.910.1111

Translators: Ms Cynthia -Vy