HUTECH English majored students “know themselves to succeed"

Yesterday morning (Nov 2nd), at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) seniors minoring in Business English had a wonderful experience in discovering and better understanding themselves through the seminar “Doctor Color – know yourself to succeed”, held by the English Faculty.


The participants enthusiastically participated in the seminar


Partaking in the seminar were Ms. Phạm Quỳnh Trang, M.A – vice dean of English Faculty, along with Mr. Phạm Sỹ, M.A – speaker, Psychology expert, who delivered a speech to 600 students on the first day of the seminar “Future Directions” organized by the English Faculty.
Guest Speaker Phạm Sỹ started off the program by sharing the purpose of the seminar with the students. He continued with a simple personality test to help them to get a general grasp of which characteristics group they belong to. With that knowledge, the students were able to decipher more effectively the question “Who am I?” and attain a better and more complete understanding of their inner selves.

600  seniors minoring in Business English participated in the seminar

Speaker Phạm Sỹ also further categorized human characteristics groups according to the special features presented by each different color group: Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Green. With such new and interesting pieces of information, Business English students could easily apply these “tips and tricks" in their interactions with future clients and customers, and in turn, help ensure smooth sailing and effective business.

Questions and interaction amongst the participants created a vibrant and exciting atmosphere 

A vibrant and exciting atmosphere was prevalent throughout the seminar, leaving many positive impressions in the mind of each and every Business English student. This valuable experience helped them obtain more knowledge and more confidence for their internships, job applications, and work in the upcoming future.
Wishing you success in overcoming yourself and in life!

News: Bích Liên
Photos: English Faculty
(Translated by Giang Uy)