Freshmen of the Faculty of English Language: Ready to start!

In a series of “Welcoming Freshmen to the Great Home: HUTECH” (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology), the Faculty of English Language had very memorable moments with its new students this morning, 27 September 2019.
The program had a warmly honor to welcome the presence of The Faculty Leaders, such as: Doctor Nguyễn Thị Kiều Thu, Dean; Doctor Lê Văn Tuyên - Vice Dean; Ms. Phạm Quỳnh Trang, MA. – Vice Dean and all the Faculty Lecturers together with a lot of new students of the New Academic School Year: 2019-2020.


Doctor Nguyen Thi Kieu Thu and EF lecturers at the ceremony
Beginning with an open - hearted speech, the Faculty of English Language, Doctor Nguyễn Thị Kiều Thu said: “Be enthusiastic for not only studying but also performing extra activities well in order to become dynamic students in the 4.0 technology era.”


TS. Lê Văn Tuyên phổ biến các thông tin về chương trình đào tạo


Doctor Le Van Tuyen introduced the curriculum
This friendly meeting was also a chance for freshmen to know lots of things, such as: how to study on credits, the detail overall curriculum, academic competitions, extra activities, and so on.
These new students also got general information about the three clubs in the Faculty of English Language, namely: the Hutech English Club (HEC), the Hutech Interpretation and Translation Club (HIT), The English Language Research Club (ELRC).


New and active freshmen are ready to start
The Faculty also saved time to reward the students and classes for their outstanding achievements in the last academic school year.
This would encourage new comers to try their best in the new academic school year.