- In August 2017, the former Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (founded in 1995) officially became HUTECH Institute of Engineering. Being one of the earliest established faculties within HUTECH, the growth of the Institute has been closely associated with the progress achieved in the development and advancement of the University. 

- HUTECH Institute of Engineering offers academic programs at both undergraduate (Bachelor of Engineering) and graduate levels (Master and Doctorate) in 09 different majors of study. These programs are designed to provide learners with a solid understanding of basic scientific knowledge, in-depth subject knowledge, professional and practical skills, standard soft skills and life-long learning skills that could meet the diversified demands of an ever-evolving society.

- Adhering to those goals, HUTECH Institute of Technology has continually improved the quality of its faculty members and teaching staff by recruiting highly qualified and capable individuals including Professors and Associate Professors as well as Ph.D. and Master’s degree holders from prestigious national and international universities located in countries with advanced science and technology development (e.g., France, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore). The Institute has also made substantial investments in upgrading its laboratory and workshop facilities that are equipped with the latest equipment and gadgets to create an optimal learning environment for its students and postgraduates.

- In fulfilling its training mission, HUTECH Institute of Technology works closely with leading enterprises in the field of engineering and technology to enhance the quality of training and scientific research, expand work-based learning opportunities to expose students to possible career options, and improve the efficiency of technology transfer. The Institute also offers consultancy services related to technical solutions and technology management for organizations and enterprise partners as needed.


Major Level Code
Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520201
Master 8520201
Doctorate 9520201
Mechatronics Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520114
Master 8520114
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520103
Electronics and Communication Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520207
Control and Automation Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520216
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520212
Automotive Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7510205
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Bachelor of Engineering 7480207
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Engineering 7510605