HUTECH’s Civil Engineering major was granted the Certificate of Educational Quality Accreditation

On May 28, 2021, HUTECH was honored to receive the Certificate of Educational Quality Accreditation issued by the Center for Education Accreditation - Vinh University (VU-CEA) for the six undergraduate training programs, including the Bachelor of Civil Engineering.
VU-CEA experts were impressed with how HUTECH’s quality assurance system and system of operational processes adhered to ISO standards demonstrating high levels of consistency, transparency, and rigor. Each discipline was developed with specific goals, expected outcomes, clearly structured curriculums, and well-defined regulations facilitating the publication and announcements of these records on different communication channels.
Experts also showed their appreciation when assessing other aspects including strategic planning and human resource development, scientific research activities, student movements, skill development workshops, job fairs, business cooperation activities or learning environment, etc.
Quality assessment and accreditation play a key role in making remarkable contributions to affirming HUTECH’s prestige and reputation. Besides, valuable recommendations made by the experts are conducive to further improvement and adjustment of the University’s training programs in the upcoming curriculum updates in 2022.

By Office of External and Public Relations