Freshmen students majoring in fashion design show off their dazzling products while studying online
Despite the obstacles when engaging in online practice workshops due to the Covid-19 pandemic, first - year students majoring in fashion design (Faculty of Architecture and Arts of HUTECH) launched some impressive artworks from the Fashion Drawing course.
Fashion Drawing is one of the foundation courses to help students get familiar with the step of sketching their design concepts which is one of the five most important skills for a designer.


 Artworks of students majoring in fashion design in the Fashion Drawing course

The course included the content of drawing human figures and rendering materials. Because of the unique nature of the course which requires a high degree of in-person interaction both lecturers and students face a lot of difficulties when switching to the online learning mode.

 The artworks depicting a high level of meticulousness and care of the students putting into their designs
According to Ms. Pham Thi Hong Lien, in order to teach on online platforms effectively, lecturers had to re-design the course content, supply additional references, and even record short instructional videos to help students in their studies.

The students' artworks show a great effort in adapting to the challenges of online learning

Through the effort to overcome the obstacles during the two months of online learning, the freshmen students majoring in fashion design had the opportunity to show off their creations through drawings imbued with individual personalities, free-thinking, creativity, meticulousness, and intricacy.

Each drawing represents the creative design concept of the student
Despite minor setbacks due to the pandemic, HUTECH students always strive to adapt effectively to the new circumstance while continuing to focus on their studies and improve themselves. Let's have a look at the artworks of students from the Fashion Drawing course!
By Office of External and Public Relations