Students of the Faculty of Business Administration learn about the potential of e-commerce in the new normal economy

On July 17, the Faculty of Business Administration of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) organized an online seminar on "E-commerce trends for the new normal" . 


Representatives of Onpoint Company were among the guest speakers of the seminar, including Ms. Chi Doan - Chief Growth Officer (CGO) and Ms. Huong Doan - Director of Business Development Director. From HUTECH, Mr. Chau Van Thuong - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration accompanied the students in the program.

The workshop gives HUTECH students a 360-degree view of E-commerce in the new normal period


Throughout the seminar, HUTECH students together with the guest speakers enjoyed a lively discussion as they were introduced to a broad range of diverse e-commerce trends in the global market as well as understanding a general picture and important development indicators of e-commerce in Vietnam during and post-Covid-19 period.


Both speakers are experienced managers in the field of e-commerce


Besides, as experienced managers, the two speakers together with the freshman class to explore the management and business operations of e-commerce in large corporations and enterprises. Through locating customers' shopping needs with influencing factors, the future managers of HUTECH gain a better understanding of the operation and development process of major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam and Asia. 


The overall picture of domestic and regional E-commerce markets are reviewed in the workshop


Participating students interact and pose interesting questions to the guest speakers


The practical knowledge accumulated from the seminar will be the driving force for future HUTECH graduates and managers to continue to develop themselves and succeed on the path to pursue their passions.

By Office of External and Public Relations