- Recognized for its long-standing tradition, HUTECH Institute of Applied Sciences is among one of the oldest academic departments at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH). In 2017, the Institute was officially established from the former Faculty of Biotechnology, Food Science, and Environment which had been in operation since 2013. The Institute’s predecessor was founded based on the merging of three different faculties, including the Faculty of Food Technology (founded in 1998), the Faculty of Environmental Engineering (founded in 1999), and the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology (founded in 2005).

- Besides a strong foundation of both subject knowledge and professional, practical skillset, the Institute strives to equip students with a high level of responsibility, career passion, and soft skills to work effectively in the increasingly integrated global economy. During their time at the Institute, students are also encouraged to participate in academic clubs including Green Tech Club, Hello Food Club, WLA Club, Bio. Exp Club as well as taking part in diverse extracurricular activities (e.g., community service, sports, and cultural programs) to achieve comprehensive development for their studies and personal growth. 

- Along with a team of qualified and experienced lecturers, HUTECH Institute of Applied Sciences also maintains the collaboration with several Professors, Associate Professors, Ph.D. and Master’s degree holders that are currently working at prestigious universities and research institutes throughout the country. Equipped with modern laboratories and practice facilities, the Institute aims to deliver optimal learning and research environment for its students and postgraduates while having access to the latest equipment and gadgets.

- Apart from fulfilling the training mission, HUTECH Institute of Applied Sciences also undertakes responsibilities in conducting scientific research, supporting technology transfer, and promoting the technology applications in related fields. These functions are carried out through the participation of the Institute in the deployment and implementation of research projects and consultancy services on technology management and solutions offered to industry partners and organizations as needed.


Major Level Code
Biotechnology Bachelor of Engineering 7420201
Master 8420201
Food Technology Bachelor of Engineering 7540101
Master 8540101
Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 7520320
Master 8520320
Veterinary Medicine Bachelor 7640101