Faculty of English: Proud to be awarded certificate of quality accreditation for undergraduate program according to ASEAN University Network’s standards
Recently, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) was awarded the certificates of quality accreditation of 04 undergraduate programs according to the standards of the Southeast Asian University Network (ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance - AUN-QA).
Leaders of Faculties/Institutes receive quality accreditation certificates for 04 programs meeting AUN-QA standards
The certificates were signed by the senior leader of the AUN-QA Council, recognizing that 04 university-level training programs of HUTECH meet the standards of the Southeast Asian University Network including Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Technology and English Language.
Certificates of quality accreditation for 04 university-level training programs of HUTECH signed by the senior leader of the AUN-QA Council

This is considered an important milestone on the journey of constantly improving the quality of teaching and learning at HUTECH. In order to meet the rigorous criteria of AUN-QA, the 04 above-mentioned disciplines at HUTECH have made a long-term preparation from the development of training programs, learning outcomes, teaching methods, learning resources, course assessment to personnel management, facilities, student care services and development orientation based on the general strategies of the university.
AUN-QA experts were briefly introduced to the functions and missions of each program      

The assessment took place from October 5 to 8, 2021 online via Zoom in the midst of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic. HUTECH quickly adapted and switched teaching and learning activities to the online mode while fully meeting the requirements set by the assessment council.

 Opening session of the assessment period according to AUN-QA standards on October 5, 2021
This result is not only an achievement showing the efforts of all HUTECH staff members - lecturers - employees and students, but also a motivation for the university to continue to strive harder to bring learners a better environment, facilitating their well-rounded development.

Office of Admissions and Public Relations