The Singapore Academies South-East Asian Fellowship (SASEAF)

The SG Academies South-East Asia Fellowship (SASEAF) Programme aims to attract bright postgraduate researchers from South-East Asia to Singapore research institutions for a 2-year long fellowship. This fellowship was first known as the SNAS ASEAN Fellowship in 2020, renamed to the SG Academies ASEAN Fellowship, then further revised to SASEAF in 2021. It is now administered by three academies in Singapore - the Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS), together with the Academy of Medicine Singapore (AMS), and the Academy of Engineering Singapore (SAEng) - and funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF)
Fellowship Support
  • A monthly stipend ranging from S$ 4,000 to 6,500. The exact figure will depend on the experience and performance of the Fellow.
  • An additional S$ 4,000 will be provided for overseas travel at the start and end of the 2-year long fellowship period. 
  • Access to professional development opportunities (events, seminars and training programmes). 
  • Opportunities to learn more about Singapore and to foster stronger ties and partnership between SASEA Fellows and Singapore.
  • Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of a South-East Asian country (not including Singapore) and non-Singapore-based.
  • Degree: Applicants must have a PhD Degree from a reputable institution.
  • Place of Work: Applicants who are currently residing and/or working in Singapore are not eligible, unless they have a confirmed job offer in public-sector research entities in their home countries with an appropriate start date after the Fellowship. Documentary proof of offer is required.
  • Age limit: Applicants should not be more than 40 years-old at the time of application.
  • Language: Applicants must be fluent in written and oral English.
*We encourage diversity and welcome all eligible applicants, regardless of gender, culture, ethnicity, religion or any other demographics. 
Documents Required for Application 
  • Application Form
  • Research Proposal (no longer than 2 pages) developed in consultation with the host professor(s) / PI(s) at the Singapore University.
  • Host professor / PI’s in-principle approval with his/her official email ID.
  • Certified copies of diplomas and transcripts.
  • Two recommendation letters from referees (e.g. current / past supervisors, collaborators etc.) stating your suitability for this fellowship. The letters should be submitted directly by your referee. Referees proceed to the SASEA Fellowship Reference Letter Upload form to access the reference letter template, submission instructions and upload portal.
Note: Applicants need to combine their  Application Form and all required documents into one PDF document, titled ‘Applicant Name – SASEA Fellowship’, before proceeding to the SASEA Fellowship Document Upload form for submission.
Review Criteria
  • Applicant’s training, aptitude and experience: Academic qualifications, performance, relevant experience, aptitude to benefit from the fellowship program and the ability to add value after his / her return home.
  • Relevance and Quality of the Research Proposal: The proposal must be well-designed, innovative and the stipulated outputs must be achievable during the fellowship tenure.
  • Personal Qualities: The applicant should continue to practice science after completion of this fellowship and contribute to scientific advancements through various means, including formal education, science promotion / application or policy-making, for a better and stronger South-East Asia. He or she must be someone who values collaboration between South-East Asian countries and will strive to foster strong bonds between academic bodies in the region. 
The application deadline is 31 January, 2023 (Tuesday)
For more information and application procedure, please visit our official website at
For queries, please contact the SNAS administrator at