Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Established in 1995, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) has been constantly developing its educational quality and manpower resources to become a leading institution of higher education in Viet Nam.

The Board of Directors and the Board of Presidents have been making great efforts in engaging passionate and experienced lecturers in HUTECH. The university is determined to develop dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsible human resources who are able to adapt to unsustainability, especially in the context of the constantly changing world.

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Adhering to the core values of “Knowledge - Morality - Creativity”, HUTECH is proud to be a prestigious multidisciplinary university in Viet Nam. HUTECH currently provides more than 60 majors in various fields such as technology, engineering, business, management, health sciences, social sciences, architecture, fine arts, communication, and design. HUTECH also develops close cooperation with businesses through business projects, skills training programs, and periodic recruitment fairs. In particular, in the network of more than 6,000 partner businesses, there are more and more businesses owned or led by HUTECH alumni.

Along with training activities, HUTECH constantly affirms its position as a center for applied research, technology transfer, and commercialization of research products. The system of modern facilities for research and a comprehensive international cooperation strategy are advantageous in attracting more and more well-known researchers and leading experts, and scientists. HUTECH is not only a place of study but also a rendezvous for reliable research and knowledge sharing, making positive contributions to Viet Nam’s development.

In response to the requirements of the globalized economy, HUTECH is committed to creating the best conditions in terms of facilities, teaching, learning, and research according to international standards; as well as a friendly, democratic and fair working environment and a place to attract, nurture and utilize talents. HUTECH also strives to ensure the harmony between the interests of employees, students and the contributions of investors and partners as well as the sustainable interests of the University and the society. 
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DR. KIEU XUAN HUNG