Tuition Fee Policy

1. Basis of tuition fee calculation

- HUTECH tuition fee is assessed based on the academic credit system. Payments are made each semester before the start of classes. 

- The standard per credit hour charge will be announced by HUTECH before the start of each academic year. The semester tuition fee is calculated based on the credit cost and the total number of credits students register for that particular semester. 

- The tuition fees remain the same for the duration of the academic calendar. Any annual increase in tuition fees shall not exceed 7%.

2. Benefits of students after completing tuition fee payments

- Receiving HUTECH polo shirt, gym uniform, and backpack upon admissions (first-year students only);

- Issued student handbooks and university ID cards;

- Participating in seminars, academic clubs, extracurricular activities, business leader forums, and career networking events; receiving support for student research; taking part in various students programs and movements organized by the Youth Union and Student Association, as well as other sports and cultural activities. 

- Granted access to the university library, e-library, and free on-campus internet access;

- Confirmed as registered students of the university to receive benefits according to the State’s regulations;

- For evening students, the following item will be given to each student: gym uniform, plastic ID card, and student handbook.


3. Tuition fee payment schedule and method

3.1 Tuition fee payment schedule

Students are required to complete their tuition fee payment at least two weeks before the start of the semester. Information on the academic plan, registration period, and tuition fee payment schedule shall be published on the university website and notified to students at least two months before the start of the following semester.


3.2 Deferral of tuition fee payment

In exceptional cases where students experience financial hardship, thereby unable to make the payment deadlines, students need to complete the Tuition fee payment extension application which should be signed and certified by the local authority.

3.3 Tuition fee payment method


All students are required to complete their tuition fee payments via bank transfer. 

4. Course retake/repeat, early enrollmemt in upper-division courses, summer session

Tuition fee payments for course retake/repeat, early enrollment in upper-division courses, and summer sessions shall be made in full at the beginning of every semester during the typical registration period for regular courses.