The VKIT students are learning about the automobile repair and quality inspection process through a visit to Truck & Bus Hyundai Truong Chinh

In order to provide practical experience, accumulate knowledge, and deepen their understanding of the field for automotive engineering students, the Vietnam-Korea Institute of Technology (VKIT) at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) organized a practical field trip to Truck & Bus Hyundai Truong Chinh (District 12, Ho Chi Minh City).

Accompanying the students were Mr. Nguyen Van Ban, Head of the Automotive Engineering Department at VKIT, and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vang, a specialist in student affairs. To start the visit, the technical management team at Truck & Bus Hyundai Truong Chinh shared valuable knowledge with the students about automotive technology, the demand for human resources, and the potential for growth in this field. This helped the students gain a comprehensive overview of the industry, understand more about the labor market, and increase their motivation to confidently pursue their passions.

Additionally, the students had the opportunity to explore repair areas and directly observe the production process, frame creation, inspection, as well as the quality assurance of various types of vehicles displayed at the dealership. This practical exposure allowed them to gain a clearer understanding of possible future roles, responsibilities, and jobs in the industry.

As a result of  this field trip, automotive engineering students "pocketed" a wealth of knowledge about the profession, gaining additional motivation to plan their studies effectively and develop their careers in the future.

Sinh viên VKIT tìm hiểu quy trình sữa chữa, kiểm định chất lượng ô tô qua chuyến tham quan Truck & Bus Hyundai Trường Chinh 94

The trip provided students with more useful knowledge and motivation to pursue their passions.


News: Vy Nuong
Photos: Tuan Minh
Translator: Lewis, Thuy Nu