Student Affairs Office

>> Function
+ Providing a range of services such as enrollment and course registration, rules and regulations of study, student accounts, and other activities related to students.
>> Missions

  • Organizing activities including educational politics, ideology, morality for students.

+ Organizing political activities and sharing policies, laws of the Party and State to students.
+ Collaborating with Youth Union and Student’s Association in educational politics, ideology, education, morality, personality, and lifestyle. Sharing rules and regulations of the university to students.
+ Organizing thematic activities to enhance the understanding and prevention of society's vices
+ Responsible for the content of educational ideology of teams, groups, clubs of students through the political activities at the beginning of the course.

  •  Organizing extra-curriculum activities for the students

+ Collaborating with the Youth Union and Student’s Association to organize diverse extra-curriculum activities for the students.
+ Organizing art performances and sports contests at school level to national level.

  •  Tracking, managing and evaluating students

+ Managing and sorting the students by religion, political party, and ethnic.
+ Reviewing students’ training process.
+ Collaborating with Office of Testing and Student Services, Faculties, and Institutes to establish profiles, rewards, and disciplines of students.
+ Selecting and training excellent individuals and groups to join contests at different levels.
+ Tracking students’ satisfaction in training quality and support other departments.
+ Collaborating with local authorities to maintain social security in management of students who live outside campus.
+ Strengthening relationship with alumni to record ideas, comments, and reviews about training quality of the school.

  • Coordinating with departments to carry out other tasks

+ Collaborating with Administrative Office to service the tasks related to education, reception, festivals, events, and social activities.
+ Collaborating with Admissions - Public Relations Office to perform multimedia and internal graphic design.
+ Managing Division of Health and tasks relevant to health in the university.
+ Organizing orientation festivals, kicking off start-up activities, and supporting students.


Huynh Ngoc Anh, M.Sc.
Tel: (+84)28-3512-0785


Deputy Head

Chau Ngoc Lang, M.Sc.
Tel: (+84)28-3512-0785

Deputy Head

Nguyen Ngoc Linh, B.S.
Tel: (+84)28-3512-0785


Deputy Head

Bui Phan Khanh, M.Sc
Tel: (+84)28-3512-0785

Contact Information

Address: 475A Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84)28-3512-0785 - Email: