Students at HUTECH Institute of International Education finish exchange semester at Bangkok Universi

Recently, 36 students at Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of HUTECH Institute of International Education have just finished the four-month exchange semester at Bangkok University in Thailand. The exchange semester took place within the framework of cooperation between Bangkok University (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH)), which was signed and organized frequently in recent years.


The main objective of the exchange semester was to help students access new learning method, international and professional working style, mindset, and problem solving skills with other international students. In addition, students would take advantage of the semester to have good preparations and adaptations to work at multinational companies.  

Students had an interesting semester in Thailand

Within four months in a modern and dynamic study environment, the students experienced a new teaching method, which was taught in English. It was either a huge opportunity or a challenge. Therefore, students had to learn actively. However, with the support of lecturers and native students at Bangkok University, HUTECH students could follow the course easily. Significantly, the results of the course in Thailand would be recognized as usual by HUTECH. 

Lecturers and students of Bangkok University welcomed and helped HUTECH students enthusiastically

The Remarkable journey to pursuit passion of students majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management


Currently, the 36 students have come back to Vietnam and continued learning at HUTECH. Through the semester, all of them have gained valuable experience to keep on their passion.


Article: Ngoc Anh

Translator: Tien Dat