Choose a standard Korean university, confidently conquer Korean businesses
In recent years, Korea has continuously been one of the countries with the largest total investment capital in Vietnam with the presence of many leading corporations. Seizing career opportunities and advancement in Korean businesses has thus become the goal of many young Vietnamese.
 In order to create a solid bridge for Vietnamese students to conquer Korean businesses, and contribute to bringing Vietnamese human resources into the international labor market, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) implements the program - Korean Standard University with the companionship of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and many prestigious Korean universities and enterprises.
 Korean standard study: Being proficient and excellent in Korean
 Korean society in general, Korean employers in particular always appreciate the value of knowledge - with the spirit of "The power comes from understanding things". The miraculous success of the Korean economy has made an important contribution to education, with highly skilled and well-trained human resources. This is also the first requirement for Vietnamese human resources who want to work in a Korean enterprise, in addition to the criteria of foreign languages and cultures.
In Korean society, understanding is power
With the goal of achieving the knowledge in the official training program, the Korean standard university program is an effective "solution" to the problem of human resources of Korean enterprises, especially in the context of scarcity. There is a serious scarcity of human resources with good expertise, good Korean skills, and understanding Korean corporate culture - enterprises account for 21.9% of the total newly registered foreign capital in 2019.
Korean standard university program at HUTECH: Advantage from the cooperation strategy with Korea
With the companionship of prestigious Korean universities and businesses, the Korean standard university program at HUTECH is scientifically designed, in line with business needs; equips students with professional practice capacity, cultural understanding and Korean language ability to reach TOPIK II - Level 3 (TOPIK 3), full of skills needed to work in Korean enterprises.
Cooperation between HUTECH with universities in Korea - an important foundation for Korean standard university program
Specifically, students learn Korean from first year, along with professional knowledge. In particular, HUTECH is one of the few universities in Vietnam that is supported by KOICA native teachers, ensuring students to build a solid foundation of Korean - from pronunciation, word usage to manners in communication and learning from the beginning. In addition, the training program is adapted from prestigious Korean universities such as Seoul University, Pusan ​​National University, Pukyong National University, Chungbuk National University ... helps students easily access educational standards of Korea before joining the internship in the second and third year of university program.
Many valuable scholarships, diverse Korean transfer opportunities for students "Korean standard"
Possessing a solid foundation of knowledge and proficiency in Korean, students participating in the Korean standard university program at HUTECH easily transfer to study at more than 20 prestigious Korean schools; along with Seoul University, Pusan ​​National University, Pukyong National University, Chungbuk National University also has South Seoul University, Yeungnam University, Pai Chai University, Myong-ji University, Kyung-il University, Kyung-sung University ... with scholarship up to 50%.
HUTECH students in an exchange program in Korea
In addition, students can participate in short-term study abroad courses, exchange semesters, Korean business scholarships and Korean government graduate scholarships in the GKS program (Global Korea Scholarship). From the 3rd year, students practice at Korean multinational corporations in Vietnam such as Samsung, Hyosung, LG, CJ, Lotte ... or intern in Korea - "an important additional point" to create promotion in Korean businesses after graduation.
Translated by Nguyen Ha