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International Business is a dynamic and global sector of the economic group. With this major, students are equipped with a background in business administration, general and in-depth issues about international trade, current foreign economic policies and economic development characteristics in the trend of globalization.
The program focuses on developing management skills and analyzing business trends in the world through key subjects such as: Business decision making, Business environment, International investment, International Marketing, Strategic Principles, International Human Resource Management….

During the course, students will be equipped with English and soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, negotiation-negotiation skills, management skills and teamwork….

Students have chances to study in-depth subjects: International Business, Technical Foreign Trade, International Investment, International Finance, International Marketing, International Economics, Risk and Insurance in International Business , Transport and Insurance for foreign trade, Negotiation in international business, International business law, ... These subjects help provide basic knowledge of business administration, general issues and in-depth trade international trade, the current major foreign economic policies, characteristics of world economic development in globalization trends, economic integration issues, and international investment in Vietnam.

The course also provides students with professional knowledge, specific skills on anti-dumping issues, international payments, foreign trade insurance, disputes in international trade, how to invade foreign markets, .. At the same time, the skills of teamwork, negotiation, negotiation, dealing with business situations, especially English skills are essential strategic items of international business bachelors. Besides, it creates favorable conditions for HUTECH International Education Institute students to be more confident to apply for positions such as: Sales specialist, import-export of corporations, and commercial companies, representative office, shipping management agent, aviation, insurance, banking, ...Students can be able to become employees, import-export assistant and especially be promoted to become an import-export manager or leader in foreign companies operating in the field of international business. In addition, students are able to teach and research at Universities and Colleges with the majors of business administration and international business.

Graduated from International Business, students can work at:
- Production and business units, trading companies, import-export companies, representative offices, insurance companies, foreign trade banks, multinational corporations, ...
- Foreign companies operating in the field of international business
- Universities, colleges, professional secondary schools with the majors of business administration and international business.

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Translated by Nguyen Ha