HUTECH Faculty of Construction welcomed and worked with Asahi Engineering Co. Ltd.

At the beginning of November, 2022, HUTECH Faculty of Civil Engineering welcomed and had a meeting with representatives of Asahi Engineering Co. Ltd. The key objective of the meeting was to transfer Easy Ramen Bridge construction design technology in Vietnam. 


Đại diện HUTECH và công ty Asahi Engineering Co. Ltd. tại buổi làm việc

 Representative of HUTECH and Asahi Engineering Co.  Ltd.  at the meeting 

Asahi Engineering is also the enterprise that sponsored JPY 1 million for the Faculty of Construction in a research cooperation project  which was launched in April 2021. The event did not only promote the implementation of the next phase of research cooperation, but also opened more opportunities for students in the learning and research process.


News: Thu Hang

Office of External and Public Relations 
Translator: Biah Ra, Aiza