HUTECH students officially enter the 2B Semester exam online

On July 22, students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) officially enter the Semester 2B exam period of the 2020-2021 academic year. Overall, the first day of the exam period was well organized to ensure the highest integrity according to the official rules and regulations.


Within the first day, there have been a total of nearly 100 online exam rooms with more than 300 examination officials, proctors, supervisors and support staff.

HUTECH students enter the Semester 2B exam period in online an online format


Overall, the organization of the exam period has been taken very seriously to ensure the highest level of integrity while strictly following the official rules and regulations. Students are informed of the procedures as well as trained on the use of Google Classroom and Google Meet. Hence, students can follow the instructions and navigate the online exam rooms quite easily in accordance to the regulations.

Thanks to the experience from online classes and thorough preparation, students have a much easier time starting the exam period


In cases that students experience bad internet connection, the exam proctors are ready to assist in troubleshooting making students more at ease.

Be ready to prepare for yourself an online learning corner with all the necessary items for the exam


The first day of the exam is divided into 4 shifts. In the following days, an additional evening shift starting at 18:15 will be added. Students should regularly check their exam schedules and prepare all the necessary items before taking the exams.

By Office of External and Public Relations