HUTECH signs MOU with UNIMAS (Malaysia)

On the morning of December 20, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) welcomed the delegation from University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The MOU signing ceremony took place at Saigon Campus, opening up many learning and research prospects for HUTECH students.


Attending the ceremony on behalf of UNIMAS were Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohamad Kadim Suaidi-President, Prof. Dr. Puah Chin Hong-Director of UNIMAS Business School, Dato Dr. Wong Say Ho and Ms. Thu Giang-UNIMAS representative in Vietnam. 

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 12

UNIMAS and HUTECH leaders at the signing ceremony


From HUTECH there was the presence of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Lam-Vice Chairman, Prof. PhD. Ho Dac Loc-President, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Kien-Vice President, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Hong Van-Director of the Institute of International Education, and Ms. Dinh Hai Yen-Director of the Center for International Affairs.

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 25

The two universities discussed and agreed on cooperation programs


At the meeting, HUTECH leaders expressed their joy for the visit of UNIMAS delegation. In order for UNIMAS representatives to better understand about HUTECH, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Hong Van introduced the general information about HUTECH such as the development process, visions, educational orientations and training programs.

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 25

Representatives of HUTECH and UNIMAS perform the signing ceremony


Based on similarities in education orientations, HUTECH and UNIMAS have agreed on cooperation programs and performed the MOU signing ceremony. Accordingly, the two universities will implement student exchange programs, exchange semesters, scientific research projects, etc.

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 51 HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 55

The two univeristies exchange souvenirs

HUTECH ký kết hợp tác cùng UNIMAS (Malaysia) 62

The MOU opens up many learning and research opportunities for HUTECH students


The MOU has opened up many learning and research prospects for students of the two universities. This will be an opportunity for student to experience and learn from an international environment, helping students on the journey to conquer their dreams in the future.

News: Kim Khang
Photos: Trung Kiên
Translator: Thái Tường