Cultural exchange program between HUTECH students and Students from Shiga University (Japan)

The series of academic exchanges and workshops with the topic "Urban Void" was held on September 13th 2022 organized by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) in collaboration with University of Shiga Prefecture, attracting a large number of students. Eight students from Shiga University visited and interacted with HUTECH students.

Sinh viên Đại học Shiga (Nhật Bản) giao lưu cùng sinh viên HUTECH 23
Representatives of HUTECH, Shiga University, University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City


In order for the students of the two countries to better understand each other's history, architecture and culture, representatives of each university introduced and shared necessary and useful knowledge with each other. At the same time, group work, exchange and discussion activities on the topic "Urban Voids" were carried out to update their knowledge as well as connect together.

Sinh viên Đại học Shiga (Nhật Bản) giao lưu cùng sinh viên HUTECH 168

This academic exchange program will be a memorable memory for students


News: Thu Hang
Photos: Tuan Minh

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Translator: Biah Ra, Aiza