HUTECH and Gyeonggi College (Korea) cooperates in training and research
In the morning of November 30th, Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology (Korea) delegates led by the principal - Mr. Lee Kyo Seung have had a meeting at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HUTECH). This meeting is the initial step in developing the cooperation between the two parties in building cooperation programs and exchanging teaching and research experiences between lecturers of the two parties.
Welcoming the Gyeonggi College delegates, HUTECH delegates included Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang Viet - Vice president of HUTECH, Dr. Bui Phan Anh Thu - Dean of HUTECH Social Sciences and Humanity Faculty, Dr. Nguyen Toan - Director of Business Relations Center, Head lecturers and leaders from other Faculties and Institutes of HUTECH.
The meeting between HUTECH and Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology delegates
Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang Viet, Dr. Nguyen Toan and leaders from Faculties and Institutes of HUTECH
Thereby, basing on the strengths, potentials and orientations of the two parties, they will establish and consolidate plans to develep lecturer exchange programs, cooperative training and researches. HUTECH lecturers will be given oportunities to work and research at  Gyeonggi College, with the goal of learning from the international training method employed there.

Gyeonggi College representator presenting their training orientation
In welcome to the positive feelings and enthusiasm of Gyeonggi College delegates, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang Viet expressed sincere gratitude and wish to establish long-standing relations between the two parties. This lecturer exchange program also serves as an essential step of HUTECH in the improvement of expertise and teaching quality for HUTECH lecturing staff in the endeavor of international development and integration.
Dr. Nguyen Toan giving souvernirs to Mr. Lee Kyo Seung
The meeting gave opportunities to open up cooperative training and researches
 between the two parties

Article: Van Anh
Photo: Duy Long
Translator: Ngoc Bach